Top-class and friendly service

I just wanted to compliment you on the amazing staff that you have – they are always prepared to go that extra mile for us, and their service is always top-class and very friendly. It’s great working with them! Thank you so much, I know I can always depend on Bolt and Engineering!

A 30-year relationship based on advanced technology and personal relationships

B.E.D.’s consistent interaction with our company for more than 30 years has created a resilient relationship of mutual respect. B.E.D., as a ‘single source supplier’, has been able to steadfastly provide us with the day-to-day supply of fasteners for our weighbridges, tools and personal protective equipment (PPE), significant industry knowledge and several welding and cutting equipment solutions which have enhanced the customer’s operational success and continuity.

Outstanding products and solutions supplied include the provision of technologically advanced, premium welding and cutting equipment including: high-quality Fronius TransSteel CO2 welders for our manufacturing facility; a plasma cutter and 3 x 6 metre plasma cutting table – believed to be one of the largest cutting tables in South Africa – as well as a Hypertherm XPR300 power source, screw compressor and software.

The plasma cutting solution has enabled significant productivity increases, as opposed to manual cutting with oxygen or acetylene units. This has resulted in reduced material waste, increased manufacturing efficiencies and improved project delivery times.

Based on our personal relationship with B.E.D., we can trust that they will always give us the attention and service when and where we need it. Moreover, reliability is ensured, as there is never a reason to think B.E.D. will not follow through. These efforts to provide great customer service experience are what differentiates B.E.D. in the market.

Always going the extra mile

We are extremely impressed with the service we’re getting from Bolt and Engineering. We were out of thinners stock, we called Bolt and Engineering and asked if they had stock, and they advised that they did. The product was delivered as soon as they received the order. This happened on more than one occasion. Their service is absolutely excellent: from telephone etiquette, to quoting, delivery and communication. We also appreciate the lengths that Andrew goes to, to assist us as well. Thank you so much Bolt and Engineering team – keep up the good work, we really appreciate it!


Bolt & Engineering Distributors