At Bolt and Engineering Distributors we work with the leading manufacturers to ensure that we offer our customers the best products. We are constantly evolving the services we offer, and ensuring our products are sourced from fully-certified, well-known quality brands – carrying out further safety tests of our own where required. We source our lifting products from premier lifting equipment companies in South Africa, offering high-quality, tailored solution for our customers.

Our team understands the lifting requirements of the industry, and sources reliable products to serve customers across a wide variety of vertical sector industries. These include the maritime, mining, and construction industries – which we have been supplying for almost three decades. As a leader in the supply of lifting equipment in South Africa, our competitively-priced products and technical support ensures B.E.D. customers benefit from truly ‘uplifting’ service at all times!

Our lifting product range includes the following:

  • WIRE ROPE SLINGS – effective length is measured from pull to pull, from the bearing point on the inside of the thimble, soft eye, ring, hook etcetera.

  • STEEL WIRE ROPES – supplied are manufactured according to international specifications with seamless extruded ferrules. We can supply steel wire ropes as non-galvanised, galvanised, or in stainless steel.

  • ENDLESS ROUND SLINGS – high-strength, lightweight polyester slings are ideal for delicate surfaces and suitable for choker applications.

  • WIRE ROPE CLIPS – have an efficiency rating of 80% for 3 – 4mm to 22mm sizes, and 90% for sizes 24 – 26 mm to 90 mm.

  • HORIZONTAL & VERTICAL CLAMPS – have welded alloy steel bodies for strength and smaller size. These can also be made of forged alloy components where required. Each product comes with the serial number and test certificate, along with a maintenance and warranty logbook.

  • CHAIN SLINGS – can be used for a variety of functions within construction and industry. Choose from 1, 2, 3 and 4-leg chain slings with capacities of up to 35 tonnes.

  • MANUAL CHAIN HOISTS – we offer a comprehensive range of manual chain hoists, also known as block and tackle. Our range – from 500kg to 60000kg – is available with a multitude of falls / height-of-lift – and optional overload protection can be included for additional safety. These can be integrated with geared or push travel beam trolleys for low headroom work, and are versatile and adaptable to many applications.

  • LEVER HOISTS – we offer a comprehensive range of lever hoists, also known as ‘pull lifts’. Our range is available from 250kg to 10000kg. They are multi-directional, extremely versatile and adaptable to many applications.

  • ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS – we offer a comprehensive range of electric chain hoists – from 250kg up to 10,000kg SWL (safe working load). Available with optional powered travel trolleys which can be 415v (3 phase) or 110v (single phase); from 3 meter to 30 meter height-of-lift, and with full pendant control allowing safe operation. Chain collectors or chain bags are supplied with all hoists.

  • PNEUMATIC CHAIN HOISTS – we offer a comprehensive range of pneumatic hoists – commonly called air hoists. From 500kg up to 20,000kg SWL (safe working load), pull cord control for ease of operation and all supplied with a free oiler / lubricator. A vast range is available, from 3 meter to 150 metre height-of-lift, and chain collectors can be supplied on request.

  • WORKING AT HEIGHTS – Fall protection harnesses are designed to keep workers safe by preventing and stopping falls. We offer a full range of safety harnesses for all applications, such as confined space, rescue harness, front and rear anchorage, fire retardant and high visibility (‘hi vis’) harnesses. Safety Harnesses, safety lanyards, temporary lifelines and rescue kits are also available.

  • HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS – we offer a wide range of aluminium and steel hydraulic cylinders for every application. Simple and effective, our hydraulic cylinders couple to a hydraulic pump – enabling them to lift enormous loads for lifting, pushing or pulling applications. Capacities are available from 1 ton to 500 tons; single-acting or double-acting; low profile; long stroke; pad cylinders; locking collar, high tonnage, spring return, 700 bar (10,000 psi or pounds-per-square-inch) operating pressure.

  • HYDRAULIC PUMPS – we provide a wide range of hydraulic pumps for all applications. We offer manual hand pumps, manual foot pumps, 110v electric pumps, 240v electric pumps and air-powered pumps. Most of the hydraulic equipment we offer operates at 10,000 psi (or pounds-per-square-inch – 700 bar). However, we also offer higher and lower pressure equipment. All our hydraulics come complete with quick-release couplings to ensure safe, reliable use.

  • HYDRAULIC JACKS – we offer a full range of jacks from the world’s leading manufacturers.

  • HYDRAULIC BOTTLE JACK – we offer a general use bottle jack for lifting and pushing applications.

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