While bolts and nuts may often be perceived to only form part of the basics in a project, they are invaluable and should therefore receive serious attention.

Fasteners are available in a vast range of specifications. Important factors to consider for best performance include the types and configurations, such as dimensions, material, size, thread specifications, strength, clamping force, diameter, finishes securing and tightening methods, torque value and tightening methods.

A good understanding of all these elements is essential, and so the B.E.D. Group supports every order or request with a dedicated interest in the fastener application and end-use, taking into account potential wear conditions, such as corrosion, rust, water moisture and dust ingress.

In addition, it is important to note that prudent attention is essential to avoid a potential lack of stock availability, based on manufacturing material supply shortages and delays in delivery. The B.E.D. Group therefore supports local manufacturers so that our customers can be assured of benefits including faster supply and delivery at more competitive pricing.

Fastener Technical Support

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the right fastener for the job. We can offer support, guidance, and knowledge to allow you to make the right choice. Mike Giltrow, our CEO, has owned and managed the business for over 38 years and has encyclopaedic fastener knowledge.

As a company, we have a lengthy track record of experience and expertise in the sourcing and supply of fasteners – giving our customers the confidence to choose the right fastener solution for their requirements every time!

We stock a vast range of fast-selling as well as obsolete and hard-to-find fasteners, and are in fact the ‘go-to’ suppliers for many types of fasteners which are now obsolete.

Our partners can manufacture specialty fasteners from a drawing supplied and we can supply them in any quantity you like.


As in many other industries, the fastener sector has its own words and phrases, descriptions, and mnemonics. We can help customers to navigate the unique world of fasteners, enabling them to make the right buying decisions. Given the many varied styles of fixing, we can help customers by having specific designs manufactured specifically for them. While this may sound expensive, it can often be the only way to find the required design, in the material needed.


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