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Operations Manager - Andre Esterhuizen

Andrè Esterhuizen (previously Sales Manager at B.E.D. Klerksdorp), is now the new Operations Manager for the Welkom branch, which is responsible for the B.E.D. Group’s Free State region.

The Welkom branch was opened in 1991 and is still thriving over 3 decades later. 

The key industries that it serves include mining, agricultural, contractors, engineering and DIY. Products that are most sought after by customers include fasteners, bearings, lifting equipment, PPE, oils and lubricants, paints, general tools and welding products. 

The branch’s service offering further includes excellent pricing, free delivery and superb lead times.

As a manager, Andrè is passionate about what he is doing and works tirelessly to ensure customers are happy, explaining: “We don’t sell a product, we sell a service.” 

He believes that happy, hard-working employees are key to any branch’s success, and says his formula for success is good leadership, with his employees supporting each other on both a work and personal level.

B.E.D.’s practice of giving its branches independent operation has helped significantly with decision-making within the different branches; and as with others, the Welkom branch has also appreciated this autonomy. 

Andrè notes that this facilitates quick decision-making, in the knowledge that each branch has full accountability for what it is doing. Because each region has different challenges and different clients, he believes that the privilege of this autonomy has assisted in creating great success for B.E.D. as a Group.


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