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Operations Manager - Antonie van Zijl

Rustenburg, the ‘Platinum City’, is inextricably linked to the local mining sector. With many of the town’s businesses either directly or indirectly supplying the region’s mines, there is a tremendous demand for the reliable and dedicated supply of tools, fasteners, bearings, welding equipment and others. 

Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) Group’s well-positioned Rustenburg branch is right ‘at the platinum face’ – actively engaging in the mining industry through steadfast and exceptional customer service. 

The Rustenburg branch was established by current Managing Director Jan Viljoen in 1993, and today is headed up by Operations Manager for the B.E.D. Rustenburg and Ellisras branches, Antonie van Zijl.

The branch expanded from its humble beginnings in the centre of town, with only a handful of staff, growing steadily until there was a need to move to larger, purpose-built premises. Mining has undoubtedly shaped the Rustenburg branch, as reflected by its customer base and stockholding. 

The branch’s well-organised service, paired with its mining industry experience and product knowledge, has allowed the creation of a relationship of inherent trust between the B.E.D. Group and the broader mining community.

Mines depend heavily on first-class proactive and preventative maintenance to ensure optimal uptime, and minimal interruptions caused by breakdowns and shutdowns.

B.E.D. Rustenburg has come up with several innovations to service the broader mining industry and related industries – including valuable preventative maintenance initiatives – as well as the supply of tailored artisan toolboxes with specified quality tools according to the mines’ specific requirements.

In addition, the Rustenburg and surrounding agricultural sector has become another industry focus for the B.E.D. Rustenburg branch. It caters to the sustained stream of product demand from this sector – caused, in part, by the increasing need for food security and concerted government efforts in supporting agricultural expansion.


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