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Operations Manager - Ian Lloyd

B.E.D.’s Klerksdorp branch in the Northwest was founded in 1988 and has been going strong ever since. Operations Manager Ian Lloyd, who started with the B.E.D. Group in 1990, has been Klerksdorp’s Manager since 2000; as well as being a Director in the branch since 2007.  

Ian has worked his way up the B.E.D ladder for many years, starting at the counter. He attributes hard work, passion and knowledge as contributing to his success as a manager, but notes that this is underscored by the vital role played by team effort. 

Ian follows an open-door policy and is proud that a number of the Klerksdorp branch employees have worked for B.E.D. for more than 10 years. 

The Klerksdorp/Northwest branch is one of the most longstanding and largest branches in the B.E.D. Group. It services key regional industries including gold mining, agriculture, engineering, industrial, contractors, retail shops and DIY. Since the closure of many of the mines in the area, the agricultural industry has become the branch’s primary business focus.

Products and services which the Klerksdorp branch provides to customers in the Northwest region include fasteners, hand tools, power tools, welding and welding equipment, PPE, industrial paints, bearings and transition, lifting equipment and oils and lubricants.

Services provided include counter sales, as well as deliveries covering an impressive radius of 250 kilometres, using a fleet of 10 delivery vehicles. Five representatives service the branch’s significant customer base, ensuring the customer is always king!

As with all the B.E.D. Group branches, the Klerksdorp branch abides by the ‘100/0’ ethos – 100 percent accountability and zero excuses – because as a team, it takes 100 percent accountability to ensure that excellent service is given to customers, with no excuses for mistakes. 


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