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Operations Manager - Juan van Zyl

Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) Group’s Cape Town branch is located in Bellville and was established in 2010. It services a large region that stretches all the way to Bredasdorp, a town 300km from the Mother City.  

Operations Manager Juan van Zyl has been with the Cape Town branch since early 2020, and is proud to have seen significant growth during this period despite the global challenges which took place during this time.  

The key industries in the Western Cape include agriculture, food, construction and engineering, and there is also growth in the marine industry.    

The welding division enjoys huge support from Cape-based market sectors – closely followed by popular items such as bolts, nuts, bearings, personal and protective equipment (PPE), tools, and other items from the company’s extensive range of line items.  

In line with the demand for our welding product range in the Western Cape, the Cape Town branch now offers customers a comprehensive welding repairs centre, as a ‘mirror image’ of its counterpart in Wadeville, Gauteng, which is served by an experienced cutting and welding team, headed up Ewan Jubileus.

As with all of B.E.D.’s branches, the Cape Town team appreciates the Group’s practice of allowing branches to operate independently – while still being accountable to the Group as a whole. With each area having its own unique identity, it is a winning solution for the Group to embrace the diverse business cultures and strategies of individual branches in different areas. 

Going forward, the Cape Town branch looks forward to continued excellent growth and believes it is set to go from strength to strength.


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