Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) supplies a comprehensive range of locally produced and imported fasteners, as well as quality tools, welding and cutting equipment and consumables, bearings, personal and protective equipment (PPE), industrial paints and thinners, oils and lubricants, and lifting products to South African industry and across southern and central Africa.

As a Group, B.E.D. has a solid track record and pool of experience, supplying our product range to a wide variety of industry sectors, including agriculture, mining, engineering, construction, materials handling, transportation, working at height, rail and welding.

Having been established in 1983, we operate according to our distinctive ‘100/0’ core ethos of taking 100 percent responsibility, with zero tolerance for excuses. We place great emphasis and importance on always conducting ourselves and our relationships with our valued staff, customers and suppliers in an ethical and trustworthy manner. Whatever the customer’s challenge, B.E.D. has the solution!

Our values embrace trust, integrity and taking 100% responsibility and accountability under our 100/0 principles.

Epitomising the ‘nuts and bolts’ of good business

As a company, our core expertise lies in fasteners: since inception, our approach was to start with the basics of industry, namely a nut, bolt and a washer. We built our business on these three components and then, over time, the Group steadily grew its wider-ranging, complementary product and service offerings.

B.E.D. offers a vast, quality range of both standard and specialised nuts, bolts, screws and anchors, as well as a selection of allied products from local and international suppliers. These include hand tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, compressors, welding equipment, safety equipment, bearings, and industrial paints.

Today, if our customers have anything which needs to be fastened and tightened, drilled, welded, cut, protected, turned or lubricated, B.E.D. can provide the complementary tools and/or solutions. We provide assembly, testing and onsite installation. In addition, we provide on-site or remote solution or equipment training for customers if required.

Safety, quality and a one-stop supply source

While synonymous with safety and quality, B.E.D. is also dedicated to our support of a ‘proudly local’ ethos of developing enterprises and staff.

Additionally, B.E.D. imports and distributes premium quality brands from an impressive list of international and local suppliers, including Fronius, Messer and Hypertherm – and is also an authorised distributor for SKF locally.

We aim to be a value-adding ‘one-stop’ supply source for our customers wherever we can. At any given moment, we have some 16000 stock items of various products available.

Through our innovative in-house logistics and management, we provide reliability of stock, sourcing and delivery to our loyal customer base. B.E.D. knows that when a customer has a problem, they need a solution…now!



Some of our logistics systems include distribution processes through a barcode system (used in Gauteng only); a fleet that includes a range of delivery vehicles to facilitate fast and efficient distribution around the country, and sales tracking to provide real-time quoting and ordering visibility for customers.

It is our business to know your business.


A national network of branches

Over time, the B.E.D. Group has developed a local, easily accessible footprint in various geographic locations in close proximity to our customers’ key businesses activities – including mining, power generation, infrastructure engineering and agriculture – with a network of branches that is essential to B.E.D.’s key practice of always providing easily accessible and available stock to our customers.

Each branch operates independently and yet is strongly bound together by the Group’s culture in terms of our distinctive operational ethos of taking 100 percent accountability and responsibility, as well as being differentiated in terms of our customer service focus.

B.E.D. is utterly dedicated to providing premium, reliable stock, which is sourced and delivered each day to all our branches. B.E.D. provides tailored, end-to-end solutions for our customers. To achieve this, our staff meticulously source, check, inspect and deliver the required products to each customer.

This is how, on a daily basis, we provide our customers with 100/0 ‘the perfect fit, fast’.


Bolt & Engineering Distributors