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As a values- and integrity-driven company, Bolt and Engineering Distributors (B.E.D.) Group is keenly aware of the immense importance of our relationships: with our valued customers, suppliers and staff, and the mutual support provided. Together with the B.E.D. ethos that ‘it is our business to know your business’, we therefore strive daily to provide our customers with ‘the perfect fit fast’. This means that there are always newsworthy stories for us to share, across our online, print and social media platforms.

Please see below for a ‘round-up’ of the B.E.D. Group’s recent news, showcasing our ongoing efforts to improve and excel in our customer service, ensuring we are constantly going the extra mile to create lasting relationships and a sustainable, successful business.

Our news section offers you quick access to our newsroom, and gives you a snapshot of what we’ve been up to all over the country, through our recent articles in the media.

Our Services

B.E.D. provides tailored, end-to-end solutions for our customers

Fastener Technical Support

Unlike other companies which sell fasteners as an ‘add-on’ to their main business, Bolt and Engineering are fastener specialists.  As such, we have strong alliances with our range of local and international suppliers, and can arrange to have special items manufactured, often with short lead times. We can offer support, guidance, and knowledge to allow you to make the right choice, as we have built up vast fastener knowledge in close to 4 decades of ‘finding the perfect fit, fast’! As a company, this means that we have a lengthy track record of experience and expertise in the sourcing and supply of fasteners – giving our customers the confidence to choose the right fastener solution for their requirements every time!

Our industry service specialists can take our customers’ operations to the next level by providing field services such as: bearing inspections, hands-on training and assistance with installation, inspection, maintenance, reinstallation, field repair, bearing reclamation and condition monitoring systems. This ‘total approach’ of application, equipment, products and maintenance all contribute to B.E.D.’s goal of helping our customers to establish the best practices for their specific applications – resulting in the best value – and return on their bearing and maintenance investment – through improved performance and reduced downtime.

Our mobile welding and cutting demonstration vans offer our customers the opportunity to physically see and experience the world’s leading welding and cutting equipment. With renowned brands such as Fronius, Messer Cutting Systems, Gys arc welding, collision repair and automotive battery service equipment, Hypertherm, B-Weld house brand – our ‘demo vans’ provide customers with mobile quality welding and cutting consumables. Through this excellent resource ‘on the move’, we can also share the most recent developments in the welding and cutting equipment sector with our customers – and practically demonstrate how we can assist them to achieve optimal production and quality results.


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